The Drawing of an Era

The Drawing of an Era

The Drawing of an Era

May 25th, 2009

So, as I was discussing the current state of my relationship with a friend, causing bursts of laughter, I became aware that my relationships are entertaining… if you are not involved. Naturally from this laughter came the thought, “Wow this guy is a jerk”, which then quickly led to “Wow this guy is a jerk, but he has a point, relationships are funny… right?”

Through the combined efforts of Davy Bell, Adam Sawicki and Heather Whitney (me) a webcomic was created in the hopes of capturing all those funny, sad, and completely idiotic moments in relationships and everyday life that are completely (sometimes forcefully) forgotten.

Since this site is still in its infancy, there will be many a thing to come, and the comic will hopefully be posted weekly, so feel free to check back regularly and peruse to your heart’s content.

I’m sure we have all been to that dark place in the night where everything seems to turn into a watercolour, and you can see someone across the room who stands out just that little bit more compared to everyone else. You believe to be smoothly making your way over, completely ignoring the cocktail napkin stuck to your shoe, the buttons you forgot to button and the note your friend stuck to your back as you made your move.

True, those hazy nights and groggy mornings rarely turn into a webcomic, but we all start somewhere.

Post written by Heather Whitney

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